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2 to 3 children are born with some degree of hearing loss every 1000 births.

At Basin Hearing Solutions we understand how important it is for parents to find out about their child’s hearing as soon as possible. We understand the doubts and worries a family experiences when their child’s hearing is a concern.  Because we appreciate your concerns, we offer appointments within 48 hours for children 6 months and older. Our testing is thorough. We perform: Middle Ear Testing to confirm or rule out middle ear fluid and/or infections, Audiometric Testing to establish a child’s hearing thresholds using different techniques depending on the child’s age, and Otoacoustic Emissions Tests to determine inner ear hair cell function. We work closely with pediatricians and pediatric ear nose and throat specialists on these matters.

Many pediatric hearing losses are related to middle ear problems, and can be addressed by medical treatment. Statistics estimate that 5 out of 6 children will have otitis media (ear infection) by age 3. Your pediatrician and ENT will guide you through the medical treatment options based on your child’s clinical history. Dr. Jackson will monitor the child’s hearing to ensure the treatment works and your child’s hearing recovers to normal levels.